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A window opposite the Durrell School

Corfu is a crossroads of the Mediterranean, and the Durrell School of Corfu offers adventurous minds a learning environment steeped in history and cultural variety. The interdisciplinary faculty and unique location of the School offer a diversity of learning not available elsewhere.



the entrance hall
of the Durrell School



There are a limited number of partial scholarships available to students in financial need.

The Durrell School

current seminars

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The Durrell School of Corfu offers a variety of activities, ranging from a series week-long seminars to excursions that explore the rich cultural history of the Mediterranean basin. Past and future field classes include Butrint (Albania), Old Perithia (Corfu), Lia (mainland Greece) and Kalami (Corfu) as well as walking tours of historic Corfu Town and its colonial architecture videos xxx .

The Durrell School now also hosts visiting courses and workshops, providing unparalleled organizational support and background to the history and culture of the area, as well as an introduction to the work of Lawrence and Gerald Durrell and other writers connected with the region. If you are interested in bringing a writing workshop or a visual arts workshop to the Durrell School.

Moderators and Distinguished Visiting Writers for 2008 and 2009 included David Bellamy, Hugh Bennison, Joseph Boone, Jan Morris, and Mark Morris.

Lawrence and Gerald Durrell

The DSC is pleased to announce its recent participation in the naming of the "Bosketto Durrell" and the unveiling of a plaque commemorating Lawrence Durrell and Gerald Durrell, "writers and Philhellenes" who lived in Corfu 1935-1939.


Lawrence Durrell (1912-90) was one of the most important novelists of the twentieth century. In addition to being a significant poet, dramatist, and travel writer, he wrote The Alexandria Quartet (1957-60), which changed the direction of the modern novel, The Avignon Quintet (1975-85), which achieved a synthesis of Western narrative style and Eastern philosophy, and his personal evocation of Corfu, Prospero's Cell (1945).

Gerald Durrell (1925-95) was the founder of the Jersey Zoological Park (1959). He became a leading expert and activist in the breeding of animals in danger of extinction in their natural habitat. A humorous and persuasive writer and broadcaster, he popularized his work with books such as A Zoo in my Luggage (1960). His own account of growing up in Corfu, My Family and Other Animals (1956) was the subject of a BBC drama series in the 1980s.

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