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Programmes for previous sessions of the Durrell School of Corfu:
2002 - here
2003 - here

Field Classes

The School's inaugural sessions in 2002 highlighted the multicultural and interdisciplinary potential of a community of scholars dedicated to identifying the key topics of concern to the future of the arts and sciences and encouraging a new generation of students and scholars. The sessions also confirmed the relevance of Lawrence and Gerald Durrell to the landscape, mindscape and culture of this unique island – their contribution to world literature and science, to the understanding of cultural landscapes and maps of meaning, and to change and interdependence between the physical and social worlds.

Walking tours of Corfu Town allow students to appreciate the architecture of colonisation and its socio-cultural and political effects. These tours will be complemented by field classes to cultural and historical sites such as monasteries, folk museums, mediaeval villages, a farm specialising in breeding endangered species, the White House at Kalami (Lawrence Durrell's home 1935-39), and the 'Chessboard fields,' where Gerald Durrell began his zoological explorations.

Monday - Walking Tour of Corfu Town
Tuesday - Folk Museum (Sinarades), Paleocastritsa and Winery
Wednesday - Skyros Ponies (Sylva Estate)
Thursday - White House (Kalami) by caique
Friday - Walking Tour of Corfu Town (colonial sites)
Saturday - Butrint (Albania) by caique and bus
Sunday - Lia (mainland Greece) led by Nicholas Gage
Monday - Walking Tour of Corfu Town
Tuesday - Folk Museum (Sinarades), Paleocastritsa and Winery
Wednesday - Corfu Town (Byzantine & Venetian architecture)
Thursday - White House (Kalami) by caique
Friday - Walking Tour of Corfu Town (colonial sites)

Find out more on the Field Classes page.


The Durrell School is open to a wide range of interests: undergraduate, postgraduate, teachers, educational and cultural tourists – everyone with an enquiring and adventurous mind who would enjoy and learn from interacting with an international faculty of scholars and activists in the fields of ecology, culture, landscape and creativity, and the specific subjects noted above. The School's presentations will also appeal to those interested in following in the footsteps of Lawrence and Gerald Durrell by learning to appreciate the beauty, culture, and special Mediterranean ambience of the island of Corfu.



Week One:
BIOGRAPHY – led by Ian MacNiven
POST-COLONIALISM – led by James Gifford
GASTRONOMY – led by Hilary Whitton Paipetti

Week Two:
POST-COLONIALISM led by Michael V. Diboll
MYSTERY CULTS & MODERNITY - led by Richard Hood & Sean Latham
TRAVEL WRITING - led by Isabelle Keller
GASTRONOMY – led by Hilary Whitton Paipetti

Each of the above forms a specialised tutorial. In all courses, the phenomenon of national and cultural interaction will be a major point of discussion.

An exploration of the role of the artist in an increasingly globalised society permeates the overall theme, which will be addressed by writers and critics from the United Kingdom, the USA, Greece, Peru, Hungary, Ireland, France, and India.

The Asian Art Museum, Corfu


The main theme – Understanding Misunderstanding – will be addressed in an international symposium (26 – 27 May) to which we have invited distinguished leaders in politics, economics, the arts and environmental studies. The venue is the Faliraki and speakers include:

  • Moderator: Brewster Chamberlin
  • John Brandon, Asia Foundation
  • Elemer Hankiss, Hungarian Academy of Sciences
  • Marwan Bishara, American Univerisity of Paris
  • Richard Pine, Durrell School of Corfu


In addition to excursions, evening events, receptions, and tutorials, the programme for the 2002 Durrell School of Corfu includes a series of lectures:

  • TUESDAY 28 May - Richard Pine and David Bellamy
  • WEDNESDAY 29 May - full day with David Bellamy
  • THURSDAY 30 May - Brewster Chamberlin and James Gifford
  • FRIDAY 31 May - Ian MacNiven and Richard Hood
  • SATURDAY 1 June - full day in Butrint, Albania
  • SUNDAY 2 June - full day in Lia with Nicholas Gage
  • MONDAY 3 June - Jeremy Mallinson and Nicholas Gage
  • TUESDAY 4 June - mixed programme for Translation seminar
  • WEDNESDAY 5 June - Sean Latham and Isabelle Keller
  • THURSDAY 6 June - Michael V. Diboll and James R. Nichols
  • FRIDAY 7 June - Richard Hood and Richard Pine

"The Art of Biography: Lawrence Durrell" Seminar, 2002

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