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Programmes for previous sessions of the Durrell School of Corfu:
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2004 Timeline


  1. EXCURSIONS to Episkepsi, Old Peritheia, and Loutses
  2. DAY TRIP to Lia and to Butrint (in Albania)
  3. FIELD CLASS to the White House in Kalami, Paleocastritsa, the Sylva Estate, Kasiopi, Old Peritheia, and Loutses

(Gayatri Spivak will visit each tutorial this week)

  1. TRANSLATION (involves writers from Greece, Hungary, India and Ireland with DSC students in attendance)
  2. MODERNISM - (involves the Trinity Trust Seminar

(Terry Eagleton will visit each tutorial this week)

  1. READING CULTURAL LANDSCAPES - James Gifford & Beatrice Skordili
  2. INDIA AS A POST-COLONIAL EXPERIENCE - Harish Trivedi (involves the Trinity Trust Seminar


contact: [email protected]

Programme for 2004

Each of the specialised tutorials is thematically focused, yet discussion-oriented and linked conceptually to the other tutorials. In all, the phenomenon of national and cultural interaction will be a major point of discussion.

An exploration of the role of the artist in an increasingly globalised society permeates the overall theme, which will be addressed by writers and critics from the United Kingdom, the USA, Greece, Peru, Hungary, Ireland, France, and India.

The Asian Art Museum, Corfu


The main theme – Globalisation and Nationalism – will be addressed in an international symposium (13-14 June) to which we have invited distinguished leaders in politics, economics, the arts and environmental studies. This symposium will examine topics such as:

  • the opportunities and dangers of nationalism
  • the opportunities and dangers of the global society
  • protection of fragile identities
  • social cohesion and cultural cohesion
  • multiculturalism, discrimination, equality and diversity



Saturday 12 June
4:30 :: Preparatory meeting for participants in Symposium (Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak, Brewster Chamberlin, Richard Pine, Lee Durrell, et al.). DSC premises.

Sunday 13 June
Opening of Symposium, Globalisation and Nationalism
2:00 :: Welcome remarks by Richard Pine, Academic Director DSC
2:15 :: Introduction to the symposium by Brewster Chamberlin, moderator
2:30 :: Keynote speech by Dr. Lee Durrell
3:30 :: Keynote speech by Prof. Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak, Columbia University, New York City
4:30 :: "War-Watching: Global Tourism and the Problem of National Form" by Helen Kapstein, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, City University of New York
5:00 :: "Human Origins and African Nationalism: National Geographic's Africa, 1959-1961" by Amy Staniforth, University of Birmingham, England
5:30 :: TBA
6:00 :: Discussion

Monday 14 June
Symposium continued
10:00 :: "The Deformed Policing in Double Vision (2002): This Name, This Body" by Josephine Huang (State University of New York, Albany)
10:30 :: "A Pip in the Core - Irish Language Cinema in a Global Context" by Ruth Lysaght, Trinity College, Dublin
11:00 :: "A Global City Interrupted: Womanhood, the Global Ethic and the City of Incheon in Korean Literature and Film" by Mijong Lopez Park, State University of New York, Buffalo
11:30 :: Discussion
12:30 :: Lunch
2:00 :: Keynote speech by David Bellamy
3:00 :: "The Child as a License to Globalise" by Robert Lopez, Rutger's Univervsity, New Jersey
3:30: :: "The Language of Globalisation" by Kathryn Radford, University of Montreal
4:00 :: "The Planet Dreaming: Deadlands, Destiny and Desire" by Lynne C. Alice, Deakin University, Australia
4:30 :: 6:00 - Discussion
6:30 :: Welcome reception on DSC premises

Tuesday 15 June
10:00-12:30 :: Keynote lectures, Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak and David Bellamy 12:30 :: Field class to Pertithiea and Loutses by bus
6:30-8:00 :: Translation seminar

Wednesday 16 June 11:00 :: David Bellamy lecture
2:30 :: Field class by bus to Chessboard fields and ending with Skyros ponies (with D. Bellamy)
7:00 :: Sylvia Steen dinner on Skyros Project estate

Thursday 17 June 9:30-5:30 :: Field class to Butrint (Albania)
6:30-8:00 :: Translation seminar
Friday 18 June
10:00-12:30 :: lectures by Lee Durrell & Brewster Chamberlin
12:30-2:00 :: Lunch
2:15 :: Field class to Paleocastritsa (West Coast) by bus
6:30-8:00 :: Translation seminar

Saturday 19 June
9:30-5:30 :: field class to Lia (mainland) with Nicholas Gage
7:00-9:00 :: Film show (2 documentaries at 1 hour each)

Sunday 20 June
Free day


Monday 21 June
10:00-12:30 :: Keynote lectures - Terry Eagleton & Richard Pine
2:30 :: Walking tour, Corfu Town (Richard Pine)
6:30-8:00 :: Seminars: Reading Cultural Landscapes (Ionian Centre) and India as Post-Colonial Experience (Art Gallery room)

Tuesday 22 June
10:00-12:30 :: lectures by Harish Trivedi & Maria Misra
1:00 :: Field class to Kalami by boat from harbor in front of Hotel Konstantinoupolis
6:30-8:00 :: Seminars

Wednesday 23 June
9:30-5:30 :: All day Field Class to Butrint (Albania)

Thursday 24 June
10:00-12:30 :: Gerald Dawe & Eve Patten "From Ireland to Elsewhere: The Emigrant Imagination" seminar
12:30-2:00 :: Lunch (Vicky Bennison tasting)
2:15 :: Field class to Chessboard Fields and Skyros Ponies (by bus)
6:30-8:00 :: Seminars
8:30 :: Farewell dinner

Friday 25 June
All day Field Class to Lia (mainland) with Nicholas Gage

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