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Field Classes

The theme of 'translation' and 'reading cultural landscapes' have, in the past, been demonstrated literally by the DSC's guided exploration of the landscape and cultural history of the island of Corfu, the archaeological site of Butrint in neighbouring Albania, and the native village of Nicholas Gage at Lia on the Greek mainland in the mountain region of Epirus.

Walking tours of Corfu Town allow participants to appreciate the architecture of colonisation in its socio-cultural and political effects. These tours are complemented by field classes to cultural and historical sites, such as monasteries, folk museums, mediaeval villages, a farm specialising in breeding endangered species, the White House at Kalami (Lawrence Durrell's home 1935-39), and the 'Chessboard fields,' where Gerald Durrell began his zoological explorations.

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Programmes for activities in 2011:

16-23 May - Gerald Durrell's Corfu

26 June - 23 July - Durrell Association of Ireland event
Tenth Annual Byzantine Greek Summer School in Belfast, Northern Ireland). For details and an application form write to [email protected]

18-24 September - The Music, Dance and Drama of the Ionian Islands A seminar with practical workshops to choose from on sacred singing, secular singing, traditional dance, drama and verse performance. A call for papers and full details of the workshops will be available in March. In the meantime please address any enquiries to Anthony Hirst: [email protected].

Corfu Town


The Durrell School is open to a wide range of interests: undergraduate, postgraduate, teachers, educational and cultural tourists � everyone with an enquiring and adventurous mind who would enjoy and learn from interacting with an international faculty of scholars and activists in the fields of ecology, culture, landscape and creativity, and the specific subjects noted above. The School's presentations will also appeal to those interested in following in the footsteps of Lawrence and Gerald Durrell by learning to appreciate the beauty, culture, and special Mediterranean ambience of the island of Corfu.

There are a limited number of partial scholarships available to students in financial need.

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